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I am hungry for authenticity.

Be done with enduring...

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Birthdate:Feb 9
Location:Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America
I'm of the female persuasion. Aquarius sun/Virgo moon/Taurus Rising. Reserved, and require a shit-ton of alone time. Poster child for introversion, yet curiously not averse to public speaking. All signs point to INFP on the Myers-Briggs personality test, so gonna go with "quirky" as my official designation. Sadly, Virgo moon never passes up an opportunity to lecture me about the joys of duty/honor/responsibility/task completion (always be prepared), and refutes the Buddhist philosophy that perfection is a myth. On the flip side, my inner Aquarius likes to keep things loose and is excited by all things unusual; people, science, art, literature, games, physical challenges, and, most of all, DISCUSSION! About anything, really. Except small talk. There should be a public service announcement that warns "SMALL TALK KILLS" (srsly, I just can't). Also, a decent sense of humor is critical--mine is is pretty warped. Be warned. So, the Taurean influence. Mostly she plays advocate and diplomat because conflict is anathema and to be avoided at all costs. She's a team player and will happily clean cupboards and closets and grocery shop with Virgo during the day. But at night she hangs with Aquarius, listening to Progressive House music, ranting about religion and politics, talking astrology and favorite fantasy authors, waxing philosophic, while spending hours browsing through Pinterest. She lives in a constant state of sleep deprivation which. Finally ditches both for a few hours to wander aimlessly through home and garden stores, dreaming/planning; the impulse to create something beautiful is overwhelming. This is my brain on iambic pentameter, metaphors-r-us, Luminous-at-the-Improv, "Chopsticks" banging out on minor keys. I search for meaning amidst the pieces of crazy that make up my life. Harmless nutjob. I take meds. What more do you want to know? We should talk...
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